Full Manicure

Removing any existing nail polish, cleaning and conditioning your cuticles, filing and shaping your nails, applying moisturizers to your hands, a hand/forearm massage and applying new nail polish.

ANG 54.00 / USD 30.00
Full Pedicure

A full pedicure include a warm foot soak and a foot scrubbing with foot file followed by clipping of the nails, shaping of the nails, your cuticles being pushed back, a short foot and calf massage, moisturizer and nail polish.

ANG 63.00 / USD 35.00
Just Polish (Manicure)

Removal of old nail polish , file and shape the nails , cleanse hands and apply new nails polish.

ANG 18.00 / USD 10
Just Polish (Pedicure)

This focuses mainly on the toes with a  quick soak, nail shaping and polish, but does not include the massage or sole care. This is designed for an appointment between regular pedicures and for generally well maintained feet.

ANG 32.00 / USD 17.50
Shellac Gel Manicure
Shellac nail polish is the way to go when looking for one of the more durable options of nail polish around. On average, they last up to 2 weeks, with some person getting a good 3 weeks in!
ANG 72.00 / USD 40.00
Shellac Gel Pedicure
Full Shellac Gel Pedicure
ANG 81.00 / USD 45.00
Just Polish Shellac Gel (Manicure)
Mini Shellac Gel Manicure
ANG 36.00 / USD 20.00
Just Polish Shellac Gel (Pedicure)
Just Polish Shellac Gel Pedicure
ANG 49.50 / USD 27.50

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